Thursday, 15 May 2014

Wall Farm - *** Grey Plover **

Just when you think nothing of note is going to materialise locally - it does!! A 2nd Shropshire lifer no less and I joined quite a longish list of local birders who also needed it! Well done Pete Jordan - a cracking find and thanks to Ian and Martin Grant for getting the news out swiftly!

Yet another feather in the Wall Farm cap too! I was waxing lyrical about the site only a few posts before and quite frankly with Venus Pool and Wood Lane underperforming, it seems to be place to see waders! You aren't going to get up close with anything here, scope is pretty much essential to check it out properly but I have to say at one stage - the Plover was as close as it is possible to be here - viewed from the lane!

Oh well, words over - here's one or two shots 'for the record' which took a while to come by....

Feeding up - here today and gone tomorrow?!

The heat shimmer was crazy - is that meant to be a reflection?

Hmm no better.....

 The sun momentarily disappeared - it did help a bit?

And I was right - it was gone the following day.......

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