Monday, 5 May 2014

Three Counties - three waders!

You might not be surprised to know that Venus Pool wasn't high on my list of destinations since Saturday! I had been keeping a weather eye on the floods at Wall Farm however and felt it only polite to pay homage to the two male Ruff which were currently present!

When they were close, the light rubbish!

When the light was good, they had flown to the middle of the flood! Stunning plumage though...

With little else in prospect locally, after chatting with Martin and Ian Grant, we decided to check out the Temminck's Stint at Wellington gravel pits (Herefordshire)! In the scheme of things, not too distant and after a bit of a stroll, found some birders on the Temmincks distantly feeding on the new workings! Record shots were 'challenging' shall we say - but tickable clear views were possible though Ian's Swarowski / x 70 eyepiece - awesome kit!! It looked better than this lol :-)

I was on my own for the final leg of my tri-County trip and if the Wood Sandpiper won't come to Shropshire (I've scoured all the likely venues) ..... I had no option but to cross another county border - into Staffs!

Doxey Marshes to be precise and with an hour or so before the forecast promised heavy rain, it was a swift yomp to the hide.... For yet another distant but record shot worthy year tick....

It stayed in the far left hand corner as viewed from the hide, as far away as possible!

Oh well, feather detail soon??

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