Sunday, 11 May 2014

Beverley Hoopoe - flashing the crest

Considering I had less than 40 mins of exposure time to the Hoopoe, the number of opportunities for raising the impressive crest were always going to be limited! Nevertheless, with a Sparrowhawk on the prowl, one or two flashes were forthcoming!

A response to threatening behaviour..... Certainly no triggered by the small number of watchers and photographers!!

Nearly there?

Yessss, the full display!

Which deserves a close up.....

A head on opportunity too - not an angle which would win favour?

But crouching down.....

And a turn of the head.... Maybe my favourite of the session?

Sadly, after a late afternoon shower, the Hoopoe did not reappear. It was not seen on subsequent days either and hopefully didin't fall prey to the Spawk??

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