Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Wood Lane - Barwit surprise!!

Two visits to the Ellesmere area in two weeks and two important birds! This second visit was to yield a pretty rare Shropshire wader, the first at Wood Lane since 2003 and probably, only the third County record (I'm sure Geoff will confirm or advise) since that 2003 bird!

I was there on the strength of a talk to Ellesmere garden club but called into Wood Lane on my way there. There was nothing much of note about - a Black-tailed Godwit had been noted (ref the hide book) earlier in the day. I caught sight of a bird flying in to the scrape - it landed briefly - wait a minute that's not a Blackwit, crikey (or words to that effect) it was a Bar-tailed Godwit!!

It had only been there a matter of seconds before a couple of Lapwings 'went for it'....

And off it flew to the neighbouring scrape - out of view!

I got the information out and was contemplating a walk up to the far hide when...... it flew back in and was left in peace this time! Still working through loads of images and I will confine things to some representative shots....

I even got a chance to capture some 'droplet shots'!

What a cracking bird! Good light too for a change (it was 7.15 by now)

I'd better get off to my talk then (sooooooooo glad they invited me!).......