Sunday, 16 May 2010

Straw's Bridge - Great Reed Warbler

One of my less convoluted detours, well why not go back via Derby instead of Nottingham? I ended up at Straws Bridge Nr, Ilkeston and a fairly small reedbed – home for now for a rather vociferous visitor….

Gram for gram, I reckon this little blighter must hold the crown of noisiest bird on the planet?? Having rounded the first pool and gone under the railway bridge – the song was immediately and blatantly obvious!

Now the one thing I quickly learnt (this being a lifer) is that whilst the song is obvious, seeing a GRW is anything but easy! It took at least 30 mins before I got even a peek of it…..

Eventually, and I stared at this reedbed for well over two hours I did get some great views but NEVER completely in the open (apart from a brief flight to a nearby bush which I failed to capture!)

Sometimes caught in song.....

So, here you have, in bits and pieces amid lots of reed stems – Great Reed Warbler from every angle……

It was nearly 8.00pm and he was still singing! I was starving and rather than keel over, decided to call it a day. A storming one as well – two lifers and some great moments!