Sunday, 2 May 2010

Black Hill - Tree Pipit display

Tree Pipits always show well on Black Hill and the individual seen here was certainly in posing mode in between moments of aerial display!

A similar pose but just look at how the background can influence how the eye/digital camera perceives plumage colour - same bird in the same light (I just moved to get the conifer plantation as a backdrop)!

My favourites from this brief encounter, looking dapper amongst the conifer foliage - a very refreshing change from white sky!

Wood Warbler were not quite so showy at Clunton Coppice (constantly in the canopy!) but there were at least three singing males quite close to the car park - shame about the white sky record shots.... Pied Flycatcher plus Blackcap also seen.

The day ended with a pretty good tally of County year ticks (SIX)! The Dotterel pair the highlight by a Country mile.....