Thursday, 27 May 2010

Seaforth - White-tailed Plover!!!

A MEGA and bogey bird for me, having dipped the 2007 bird at both Caerlaverock and Leighton Moss! Opportunity has a habit of knocking on the door again however and it was 'third time lucky' for Jim at Seaforth in 2010!!

Setting the scene, by astonishing coincidence, I had a business meeting at work with fellow local birder RV. By the time we'd wrapped up everything, any other business became decision time - "do you want a lift to try for the Plover"? A fairly obvious answer of 'yes' and we were off......

The bird had originally been put out as 'not visible from the fence' so it was a bit of a gamble.... but it had flown about which was our best hope? We parked up at about 5.45, there were about 20 birders present and it had been showing (albeit distantly)!! It was basically feeding in a small section of the far scrape which was hidden but..... every 20 minutes or so - the bird wandered out. After 20 minutes then, it came into view - what an awesome bird and wow, those bright yellow legs lit up by the evening sun. Scope views in the evening light were actually quite stunning!

I even got the camera out for the second and third showing - OK just record shots but I'll settle for these! You've only got to check out Steve Young's website to see just what the folk in the permit holders hide were treated to - the bird was right in front of them!!

(Very distant) record shots.....

We called it a day at about 7.15, anyone thinking of going whilst the sun is shining - best advice is to wait until evening! Having witnessed what the sun and heat haze did to a potentially awesome Wilson's Phalarope, I'm not sure I'd even attempt a bird here in full sun (before evening) again.....

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