Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Whixall floods - Garganey

An opportune text from Mike Stokes this evening (just as I was goling out) alerted me to a drake Garganey sighting on Whixall floods (thanks to Geoff for putting it out too!) "Pick you up on the way then"? I diverted activities accordingly.....

A tricky little blighter to see which we eventually nailed (well Mike did) approx 200m down the canal towpath from the car park. The Garganey was keeping company with three Teal if you go for it? Not exactly the clearest of views as we were looking through the fairly thick hedgerow but amazingly the Garganey homed in on the only decent gap!

A bit of cropping and you've got a half decent record shot!

Job done, we checked Wood Lane and no Barwit but two Black-tailed Godwits visible from the road through (would you believe it) another HEDGE!