Sunday, 29 March 2009

Dolydd Hafren - aquatic Merlin!!

A morning spent in South Shropshire on a Goshawk quest with Yvonne turned up trumps with an adult pair and juvenile performing in the stratosphere! This juvenile Goshawk at least gave chance for a record shot....

We were planning to head for Titterstone but it was now afternoon and no news of Ring Ouzel was forthcoming or no birders were up there?

Never mind, the decision to try elsewhere paid off big time! Dolydd Hafren in nearby Powys put Shropshire to shame! A pair of Little ringed Plover, Green Sandpiper, White-fronted Goose x 4 , Pink footed Goose x 6, Red Kite for starters!

On/by the river: Goosander, Kingfisher and Merlin amongst others. Wait a minute... Kingfisher and WHATTT! Yes, a female Merlin - stood by and then cooling it's feet down in the river Severn - eyeing up the Pied Wagtails etc for lunch! And if you don't believe me, have a look at this sequence....

Not sure whether she was trying to catch fish or just coolinge her talons down?

Lunch was missed but the sight of a Merlin skimming the water was quite something!!

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