Thursday, 26 March 2009

Stoke St Milborough - Ring-necked Parakeet!!

I'm used to seeing Ring-necked Parakeets flying around Kew Gardens where they have become well established. Quite a surprise to find one turn up in a South Shropshire garden!!

By chance in a birders garden too! Paul Barker had certainly made it easy for everyone with exact directions and tips for picking it up. I arrived approx 3pm with Yvonne and after a long vigil from the Severn Trent mound we walked the village - no sign! Rob Stokes joined us and eventually we began to hear the bird in the trees over the stream at the bottom of the gardens.

Deciding it may not come to the feeders, we managed to ford the stream and at last got reasonable views....

The bird eventually flew and we decided to stake out the peanut feeder in Paul's garden - eventually at approx 6pm - it returned!!

Then proceeded to feast on peanuts using one of it's feet to feed with!

It's not easy to perch with a tail this long........

A cuppa courtesy of Paul and the hospitality of his parents was was much appreciated - cheers!!

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