Sunday, 15 March 2009

Whixall Moss - Shortie sortie

What a day for raptors, a morning spent with Andy hoping for a Goshawk turned up half a dozen in the South of the County! It was all distant scope work (pictures next time???)

Highlight was watching one bird stoop from tremendous height like a bullet to virtually ground level before nearly making off with a Magpie which managed to just evade capture - an awesome sight!

An afternoon spent excavating a large root in the garden was brought to a halt when Mike Stokes rang at 4.45 to say the Great Grey Shrike was showing on Whixall Moss! Down went the tools and before long I was watching an even more distant County year tick....

One of the Short-eared Owls then put in an appearance and with the light fading - a few record shots. Despite the twilight - I rather like the watercolour painting effect of the middle shot - atmospheric or what.......

Three significant County year ticks - a good day methinks!

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  1. Congratulations on the owl shot. I've yet to see one of those!