Friday, 8 April 2022

Titterstone Clee - Ring Ouzel

Teamed up with Dave Chapman this morning, moments after he had picked up three Ring Ouzels (2m / 1f). They were extremely flighty however and for the rest of the morning it was difficult to get close. I was determined to do better during the afternoon and after an hour of searching all the likely spots to no avail, I chanced upon a male not far from the main car park.

The odd thing was... it didn't fly off! 

So I just sat down on a rock to see what would happen?

No no no, that's not the normal script for a Ring Ouzel as it hopped slowly but surely towards me!

Perching up nicely!

This was the 'closest' moment and it coincided with an aggressive male Wheatear bombing this interloper... successfully sadly!

Here's the culprit!

And of course there were plenty of Stonechat over the hill...

Not a bad day!!