Saturday, 30 April 2022

LLanymynech - Grizzled Skipper

You never quite know with Butterflies.... One day there's not a Grizzled Skipper in sight and then a few days later there are multiples of the wing! Never easy to pin down, Dave Chapman and I made the most of this relative fest? Noting that where the butterfly lands will make or break the shot...

Grass or general clutter - looks messy!

On a flower? Dandelions are abundant at present. A bit out of context with a small butterfly!  but at least they seem to work better than female Orange Tips!

A stone? Yes, looks pretty natural and the combination of shades works well here :-)

Perched on a stem or seed head? Magic, as it throws the clutter into an out of focus backdrop :-) :-)

You can play with different angles?

Or go in a bit closer?

So that's Grizzly sorted then!