Friday, 25 November 2016

Venus Pool - Pink-footed Goose

You get to appreciate birds which aren't 'the norm' in Shropshire. Pink-footed Geese may be present in their 1,000s in North Norfolk for instance and you tend to concentrate your thoughts on the overall spectacle of large flocks, not always savouring the individual birds. In a typical Shropshire winter, apart from the odd skein seen overhead on migration, the norm is for occasional ones or maybe twos to turn up with the local geese! They stand out from the crowd of Greylags and Canadas - something to focus on!

Like this individual, latching onto the Greylag flock at Venus Pool.  You sense it's probably amongst the hordes just flown so you give them a good grilling and yes, there you are......

And despite (or because of) the smaller size, it does stand out from the crowd!

The  high contrast of shade and  late afternoon directional sun made this a tricky exposure encounter too! Either on the deck?

Or on the water!

And this one did drift close enough for some adventurous crops.

Or even close ups!

The Green-winged Teal was still there today but playing hide and seek!

I have plenty of patience however and  a closer encounter will happen before long?

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