Friday, 18 November 2016

Chelmarsh res - Tundra Bean Geese x 6!!!

If anywhere is likely to turn up a mega in Shropshire, then Chelmarsh reservoir is a top venue but you have to put the hours in!! And then get lucky :-) Martyn Owen certainly puts the hours in and his just reward was getting lucky, finding these six Tundra Bean Geese who had latched onto a 100+ flock of Greylags plus a Barnacle (whatever the origin) as well......

I only had a short while to get there (plus John Reeves soon after) and luckily we got decent scope views up the right hand bank (some 400m away) as viewed from the causeway. So.... whilst digiscoping rules in these situations, here's the best I could do.... a record shot of all six and believe you me this took some time to get all six facing the right way and not in the midst of the flock!

I'm almost loath to post this shot but it does show all six again (three tightly together) flying off (miles away!!) with the Greylags a few minutes later!

An amazing record for the County, can't believe there has been a better count? Lets have a Taiga next,  a Smew or something even better :-)

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