Saturday, 26 November 2016

Venus Pool - Green-winged Teal showing well!

Day 3 now for the Green-winged Teal and it really is turning out to be 'hard work' - especially if a decent image is the objective! It has a habit of sleeping (usually on the back of an island) during the day with distant views when it does decide to appear!

I can be quite patient in situations like this and having had the morning off, I was prepared to give it the whole afternoon! And I had to!! It was 3.25 when my luck changed......

Much closer than I'd  previously encountered!

And walking towards me on terra firma :-)

After a bit of a feed, posing nicely!

A transatlantic encounter....

It nearly came to an end after a short flight, luckily landing close by......

And paddling into a nicely lit patch of water!

It's not exactly 'feather detail'......

But a huge improvement on previous opportunities!!

I think I'll probably have to settle for that?

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