Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Venus Pool - Hen Harrier

I've been either away or plain busy and unable to check out VP and with a male Hen Harrier being seen on occasions, decided to give the Patch a couple of hours today! Three Dunlin plus a lingering Black-tailed Godwit were on the pool and my luck was in for the Harrier with the arable field producing a couple of 'fly throughs' despite the dire weather (heavy cloud and drizzle!) Record shots only but any moment with a Hen Harrier is a special one!

The first encounter was quite distant...

and it did have a couple of half-hearted attempts to harry something unseen?

Before making an exit along the path leading back to the car park and over the hedge!

The second briefer 'moment' came a short while later as it reappeared and headed east!

On a mission....

A momentary turn of the head as it left the reserve......

Worth getting a bit wet for  I reckon!

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