Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Scilly - Where's Dave?

The local birding scene is as dead as it is possible to be, so.........This post may be lost on many of you but no apologies for another retrospective jaunt down Scilly memory lane! Remember that childrens book series which kept you amused as a youngster (or much older child) 'Where's Wally!'  Sorry that should read 'Where's Whalley'......Here's my Scilly version inspired by that larger than life, hirsute birder, life and soul from the potteries - none other than Dave Blakeman......

I'll probably keep adding to this as there are a few scenic or irreverent images from Scilly cluttering up my hard drive which might as well get an outing?

There will be at least  two, maybe three pictures which feature Dave - send a stamp addressed email stating 'which ones' and you could be in with a chance of a perfect day out with none other than Dave himself!!!!

Yes, the prize is a days birding at the Britannia stadium (a lucky runner up will get a whole weekend there!) Famed for its resident gulls, corvids and starlings picking at the remains of pies.... Dave will lead you to the birds - you just have to keep yourself out of trouble and identify them!

Oh and if Stoke are playing at home and absent mindedly get the wrong colours out, Dave will ensure you are treated to unrivalled hospitality! An overnight stay in North Staffs infirmary is the least you can expect from the locals and your ambulance will be waiting to speed you there :-)

Here we go, here we go, here we go..... 'Where's Dave........ (NB beware the Doppelganger!)

This bunch of hopefuls aren't the least bit interested in a Grey-cheeked Thrush! They are of course looking for Dave :-)

With nothing better to do than wait for the bird to show again, birders resorted to making stone piles in the nearby bay to relieve the boredom!

The daily road block on Penninis - amazing how such a little bird can cause such a snarl up!

20 birders with long lenses were released after questioning. Well that is a children's playground on the left of the picture......

A Red-breasted Fly refused to give itself up to this line of waiting observers!

Has anyone see Dave yet - maybe in the Scillonian??

Maybe the old sea dog weighed anchor on a pelagic?

Where we treated to the delights of fresh Sushi

Plus leftovers from 'The great bake off'

Gotta show this one again!!

One sure fire way to nearly wreck a camera!!

More pelagic fun - when the birding is quiet - let's go fishing?

Flying Mackerel.......

A small load of Pollack!!

Sora next stop.......

OMG - not ANOTHER Dolphin!

Transport is everything, some like to get there quickly......

Whilst other adopt the slow and steady approach!

An impromptu sale of telescopes at Higher Moors - any offers?

You've got to keep fuelled and it wasn't just flapjacks!

OMG the most amazing Apfel Strudel and ice cream, courtesy of the Kaffeehaus

John and Leigh look impressed!

The Snrops / Staffs alliance!

A couple of Whalleys if ever I saw them - oops a giveaway!

Time for a cup of PG Tips? It's probably in the brambles at your feet?

Have you seen Dave?

Black Redstart learning the ropes....

There's probably more.........