Thursday, 10 October 2013

Scilly - Day 7

A day on St Mary’s and a morning spent searching for something special resulted in just a Yellow-browed Warbler. The Newford Arctic Warbler appears to have gone now, hope it wasn’t down to the male Sparrowhawk seen zipping through there!

The afternoon was spent searching for a Richard’s Pipit which had been seen on the golf course (the 18th hole wasn’t much help as we checked the ‘hole’ area) the tee was the original locality……

A Wryneck had been showing below the golf course and after staking out the last reported area, I got a lucky break when it landed ever so briefly (I got one image!) about 10m from where I was sitting!

The rest of the lads had, I suddenly realised, disappeared! A check of my phone revealed why…. A couple of texts – the Richard’s had been refound in a field over at Telegraph – I was off….

It was still there on arrival and I was put onto it straight away J Not a lifer but still a decent bird! I even got a record shot (pretty grim eh!)

 On the walk back, this stunning stonker of a Cricket caught my eye! This is for you Rob - Great Green Cricket?