Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Atcham - Clubtail emergence

 I thought I might have missed Clubtail emergence for the Severn but a brief afternoon check the previous day revealed one or two emerging but well out of camera range! A return this morning with Rob Stokes turned into a real success story with a series of emerging Common Clubtails.....

This was the first, looks like a female with bolder yellow stripes on the top of the abdomen - it was soon gone - over the fields / road!

Our second encounter was much more obliging. The bulging shape of the lower abdominal segments and narrower upper stripes suggests a male (most markings of the male will mature to green in time)

A close up, the huge eyes are separated in this species!

There were dozens of Banded Demoiselle on the wing too, here's a male.....

A female Banded Demoiselle.....

Always nice to catch one on an exposed perch to improve the background!

It's nearly June then and these insects announce the fact that Jim will be spending a bit more time on riverbanks, bogs and ditches for the next two months :-)