Thursday, 17 May 2012

Garden Birds - Branford farewell

The garden of Nick Nikou and Carol Handy, my hosts for three nights was simply amazing (destined for the 'alpine blog' eventually!) I spent a couple of hours saying farewell to the many garden birds encouraged by numerous feeders....

Not exactly a bird to encourage but Common Grackles never say 'no' to a free handout!

And neither do Red-winged Blackbirds - a brightly coloured male.

This syrup feeder is intended for the Hummingbirds, all I got was a Gray Catbird!

White-bellied Nuthatch - in and out in a flash....

One seed at a time....

Or two!

The most showy visitor was this red-bellied Woodpecker!

Nice to get a close up of this beautiful bird :-)

And I continue to fail in my mission for the Ruby-throated hummer - flashing his ruby throat that is!

Ah well, there will be more gardens.....

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