Thursday, 3 May 2012

New England Day 2 - Harvard Arboretum

Well after a certain amount of fiddling, I can actually blog an image or two!

A Primula conference beckons this weekend but I took time out for a wet drizzly look around Harvard Arboretum in the Boston area. Sixteen species to start the trip and one or two of them getting close enough to the camera? Bit of a learning curve here as I'm travelling 'light' with my 300mm lens 2x converter and a monopod! Not as easy to cope with for flighty birds but we will get there......

Gray Catbird

Common Grackle

Yellow Warbler (first of many species I hope). There was just ONE other (Blackburnian Warbler) reported here, its early days after a long cool spell!

  Star of the show - White-throated Sparrow. There should have moved North by now!

 And everywhere.... American Robins!

Forgive any apalling formatting, to say this was difficult uploading would be an understatement!