Saturday, 5 November 2011

Wall Farm - Steppe stacks closer

No - it wasn't any closer but I decided to try stacked converters to double or nearly triple the focal length of a 500mm lens and bring the Shrike nearer to me......

Sounds fine in theory but it isn't a recipe for success! The depth of field is much shallower, every tiny vibration sets up 'shake' and of course you can forget auto focus. I did however establish that with a 7D, autofocus does actually work when in live view!

Anyway, back to the bird - twice as close but twice as shaky! Record shots remain the norm and these will have to do!

Post preening and somewhat 'fluffed up' pose!

A few flight shots showing the upperwing (various degrees of quality but it's the detail that counts)...

And the underwing.....

If you haven't been (and wish too) please note that there will be no access to the field tomorrow (Sunday!) This will be reviewed for next weekend if the Shrike is still there?

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