Thursday, 10 November 2011

Timewarp to 2009 - Cover shot

I've had a broad smile on my face recently and here's why......

Peering back at me from the magazine shelves last week was a smart Grey Phalarope. After I'd got over the illusion that it must be someone else's, I realised it was mine! Taken from a session in November 2009 (at Crosby Marine Park). A seasonal image, if we get another big blow?

The original posting is here

Here's the original web sized image - it makes a cracking 10 x 8 print if anyone is looking for an early Christmas present for someone :-) Cheapest pressie you'll ever buy!

I looked back in the archive hard drive and as ever, there were plenty of images gathering pixel dust which have never seen the light of day. I'd better point out if anyone has dived straight in past the words to look at the pictures - THESE ARE HISTORIC - FROM NOV 2009!

Another close up.....

A few more action shots capturing droplets.....

A fitting image to end with!

I must do more delving in to the archives through the Winter, which reminds me Mike -I'll be sorting the rest those Cirl Buntings again..... one day.... :-)