Saturday, 26 November 2011

Titterstone Clee - Desert Wheatear !!!

Who would have thought I'd be ignoring the chance for more images in better light of the Red-throated Diver? All that changed with an intriguing report of probable Pied Wheatear on Titterstone Clee!

It all started when Jason Kernohan aka 'Shenstone Birder' toook a late afternoon stroll on Titterstone Clee and you can read about it in his own wortds here. The initial throughts were Pied or Black-eared Wheatear??

I picked up Rob Stokes and we were up there at first light with a few Shropshire/Worcs birders. By 8:00 most of us had glimpsed the mystery Wheatear. At 8:17 I got my first (dodgy) record shot! The first (and worst) of many 1,000s for numerous photographers and digiscopers. Glimpses of the black tail had now emerged and Andy Latham got the news out - we had a female Desert Wheatear!!

The black tail fanned!

Closer still.....

The light was dire and I don't know when I've photographed in windier conditions than this, it was howling a gale! Hats were lost, scopes bit the dust but I managed to hang on to the gear for more record shots....

This close encounter came whan the Wheatear landed about 5 metres in front of me on the path!

The aviarazzi looking as though they were defending the hilltop!

You showy little stunner :-)

I don't know who called it a day first - the blown away birders or this tired little Wheatear?

A cup of coffee, celebratory Tunnocks teacake and high fives from Rob, Ian and Dave......

OMG what is goin on in Shropshire......