Sunday, 20 November 2011

Chew Valley Lake - Sharpie

Sharp-tailed Sandpiper wasn't on my radar yesterday but it certainly was today and with both myself and Mike Stokes wishing to add yet another class wader to the life list, it was Chew Valley Res next stop.....

Two hours later, we joined the hustle and bustle of Herriots Bridge, quite a gathering and we immediately found out why there hadn't been any pictures of this bird posted! It was sooooooooooooo far away. I've never let that get in the way of obtaining a record shot but this was going to be tough - small wader well over 100m away - cue stacked converters and cue record shot of Sharp-tailed Sandpiper!! (I Had enough practice with the Steppe Shrike)

OK it's rubbish BUT it's a record shot - all the features are there and I'll look back fondly on yet another lifer for the year!

Even some flight shots with the dark upperwing of the Sharpie quite easy to pick out amongst the Dunlin.

Even at this distance - the sharply pointed tail feathers stand out!

A couple of Long-billed Dowitchers were also present and thank goodness for 'landmarks' - quite a few newcomers queried "where's the Dowitchers"? Just look between the hoops - simple!

Another trans-atlantic visitor was roaming the dam wall of Herriot's pool (but never coming within an angle for photography) - Spotted Sandpiper no less. Quite a day for waders then, with a Little Stint also present with the Dunlin flock!