Sunday, 29 May 2011

Upton Warren - Red-necked Phalaropes

I just couldn’t resist it! I had resisted one Red-necked Phalarope but news of TWO at Upton Warren today raised the twitchomone levels in my blood and despite having a ‘year off’ UK listing, I was on my way there mid afternoon!

I then realised why no-one had put any images out – they were spending all their time, very mobile, feeding on the far side of the flashes. Record shots only then....

Eventually, one of the brief Avocet induced flights gave a slightly bigger target!

The Avocets are doing really well here. I was told 18 chicks had fledged from 8 pairs and despite the fact that any incoming wader is gonna get a hard time from them, this really is a success story for the reserve!

I even totted up the UK year list I’m ‘not keeping’ and I’m currently on 188 – I nearly weakened on one or two occasions but it’s a rocky road I'm not going down this year?

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