Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Day 2 - Findhorn and Loch Ruthven

An early start at Loch Garten where hopes of a second lifer were to be realised. Having dipped Caper on my last holiday here, it was a huge relief when a single male Capercaillie was found, perched up in a tree and offering pretty good scope views. The downside was the awkwardness of the view coupled with the tetchiness of the assembled birders and wardens. It was worth the £1 but I won’t be doing that again in a hurry!! The Ospreys were also seen briefly at the nest and two Crested Tits near to the car park – not a bad start to the day before another huge fried Breakfast!

Findhorn valley was the destination for the morning, gorgeous scenery....

Plus birds here and there including Common Sandpiper and Common Tern. Every bridge was checked but not a Dipper in sight! There was not going to be an Eagle in sight either as the rain came down and eventually after an hour it was time to move on…..

The plantation at the start of the Farr Road produced a group of five Crossbill and apart for a Kestrel there was not a raptor in sight over the tops!

Loch Ruthven produced a Red-throated Diver plus three Slavonian Grebes from the hide. These were pretty close but shooting down from a raised hide into the light is not a good option!

The light was better from the small 'beach' with this other Slav on the windswept water....

The day ended with a brief check of Tulloch Moor and a Cuckoo brought the trip list up to 75 species....

The Slavs rescued an otherwise disappointing day but thats birding in Scotlnad for you!