Sunday, 27 September 2009

Inner Marsh Farm - Long billed Dowitchers!!

Ten minutes at Venus Pool and a browse of recent sightings (not) convinced me that until birds start moving again, Shropshire is not the place to be birding!

I've become accustomed to travelling now and with my yearlist heading for an all time high (250 is a formality now!) I intend to make the most of birds either on my travels or not too far away.....

Inner Marsh Farm isn't too far away and with a reported Long billed Dowitcher there the previous day - surely worth a look! The courtesy car I'm driving at the moment is crippling my back and Yvonne (also up for an out of County adventure) agreed to drive - nice to be a passenger for a change!

I'm certainly having a purple patch at the moment - the Dowitcher was there on arrival again - in front of the hide - with a second one! They were keeping close together, very obliging and not to difficult to get a few shots of the pair of them. Just a shame about the light!

What about this Rosefinch in Leics then.......