Thursday, 17 September 2009

Marazion - Little Stint

Associating with the flock of Dunlin and the Baird's were two juvenile Little Stints. Whilst concentrating on capturing the Baird's, I kept a careful watch on the Stints - certainly the closest encounter I've ever had!

Watch and wait - when photographing beach waders, a golden rule is to never rush in - a recipe for the instant disappearing act! I think Dave and Ian who had moved the other side of the 'river' (small stream) were getting a bit impatient after the first hour of waiting! By this time having set up and sat quietly on the beach, I'd gained the confidence of the birds and with the tide rising they came ever closer!

Rooting around in the seaweed for food.....

The close up......

Here's the Dunlin size/bill comparison shot!

Now then, what else is about here?