Sunday, 4 October 2009

Trainspotting whispers.....

Apologies to the many regular visitors for the 'downtime' which has been due to a horrific virus problem (ironically a malware program called antivirus Pro 2010) which suddenly appeared on my PC. A new machine is now in place, the old one is to be formatted and act as a back up and Norton is now replaced by AVG - let's hope I can keep control away from the attentions and creations of evil lowlifes somewhere out there in the ether??

Not a lot has happened though on the birding front though, the recovery mission has taken up a lot of my spare time including a missed productive day at Spurn with the lads!!

Without interent access I also missed the fun and games resulting from a chance sighting in the Ludlow area..... from a train......

A large 'Crane species' like bird which was seen in a field near the railway line! Maybe it was best left like that, an unsolved mystery.... but birders being birders, it transmuted into a Common Crane and then potentially became SANDY relocated from Orkney!!

I was in the Ludlow area anyway and couldn't resist having a look? It turned out to be a South American Rhea and you'll have to excuse the distant record shots - I wasn't getting into a field with this potentially nasty piece of work!! Apparently they can attain a size of 1.7m - even bigger than ME!!

Hmm, I hear you thinking that's not very big or threatening then but.... A rogue local farmer has been releasing them apparently and they have been known to attack local dog walkers!

No wonder it was spotted from the train....

The mystery bird - in all its speculative glory!!