Saturday, 5 September 2009

Rednal - Purple Heron ticked

A Saturday committment meant I was otherwise engaged as a 'mega alert' hit the airwaves - a Purple Heron seen in the Rednall area!!

I was able to get over there late afternoon with fingers crossed. It had already been seen a few times on the canal towpath and was a frustating mixture of incredibly obliging versus extremely elusive! Unfortunately for me, it was the latter mode!!

Whilst I normally concentrate on a photo-illustration of the bird......

The canal and empty towpath is all I can show you for now! I did get some decent flight views as the local Corvid flock flushed the Heron from a ditch running at right angles to the canal, a mile and a bit from the car park - as for the record shots - my reputation will be in tatters if they see the light of day here, so it's try again tomorrow folks?

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