Sunday, 26 April 2009

Willington Pits - Whiskered Terns

A Sunday morning drive to sunny Derbyshire turned out to be a very good decision with the brief consensus from contacts out and about in Shropshire - Nowt special!

The reason I was there - a group of Whiskered Terns which seemed keen to make a name for themselves. Eight were still there on arrival! There was a constant procession of visiting birders, mixing with the locals - still bearing smiles and relating at length the disbelief/joy of having them (the Terns that is) drop into your local patch!

A couple of hours were spent just enjoying them and trying to get some pictures. It nearly lasted just a few minutes though! They grouped up and flew fairly high almost out of view before eventually returning to the water. (A Common Tern seemed to be constantly present with the group)

This perch is mine!

They remained distant, either perched or working the surface of the water for the abundance of small flies. Occasionally, one or two strayed close enough for a record shot. The silvery hue to the upperwing really striking in the bright sunshine!

Mission accomplished, a quick return to Shropshire to check out the Wood Warblers at Clunton.....

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