Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Venus Pool - Lesser Whitethroat

Mid April is Lesser Whitethroat arrival time and looking back over the past three years, my first sighting at VP was on the 23rd (2006), 15th (2007) and 22nd (2008), so this just pipped the 2007 sighting. I'd been keeping an eye on the top field hedgerow for the past few days (including a walk with Rob Stokes the previous day - definitely not in then!)

Great news from early bird Jason - getting news out of one present today. What a vocal, showy bird too. I could hear it singing on entering the field and within a minute or so it was added to the image files for the year!

This is the customary view, part hidden / skulking....

But better was to come - shame initially against a milky white sky!

A game of peekaboo...

Then, feeding on small insects in full view - very nice indeed!

A final pose against a darker background to complete an awesome ten minutes!!

Reed and Sedge Warblers will be in next and who knows what else???

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