Saturday, 25 April 2009

Pole Cottage - A Shropshire Gropper!!

Quality time with my daughter turned into quality time with a rather special bird! It was meant to be a full morning shopping followed by a taxi run to Loughborough. Somehow (thanks Kate), I managed to sneak off for a late morning look at Pole Cottage having heard news of a Grasshopper Warbler reeling in the area the previous day!

No doubt about it either as I was retrieving kit from the car boot, I could hear the unmistakable 'reel' - somewhere at the back of the plantation.....

Such an obliging bird too, I only had to walk to the small pool to get my first glimpse (mid reel)!

It would dive down in the heather and then reappear a few metres away - playing a sort 'now you see me, now you don't' game....

I got some brief but fantastic views (missing more than I actually captured!)

Eventually I was treated to the amazing spectacle of a more distant reel perched on top of the heather!!

The briefest, best and perhaps, the view of a lifetime chance!

This was the last I saw of it as taxi duty beckoned and sadly (see below) the last sighting????

Two Red Kites flew by as well - one was wing tagged - Number 12!

I found out later that the bird hadn't shown at all first thing Saturday morning! On getting tht news out of this late morning appearance - unbelievably, as Jason arrived soon after (and before he could see it!!), a dog blitzed the area flushing it!! It was seen briefly by Mike and Rich late eve the following day......

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