Saturday, 8 November 2008

Whixall Moss - Starling roost

After enjoying the Cattle Egret, thinking my luck was in, I decided to try for Short-eared Owl on Whixall Moss. The good news was - one had been flushed earlier in the day by a couple of birders. The bad news was - despite staying until dusk, no sign.

I did have a remarkable sight to record on leaving the Mosses! Starlings were building up in numbers and the sky was turned nearly dark as the main flock (at least 20,000 birds) flew overhead!! There were smaller groups too and a likely estimate for the area could be double this??

The best place to view was the car park near Furbers entrance. Don't forget your brolly as white rain is forecast and you will need to wash your car afterwards!! Luckily the rain cleaned mine travelling home!

Here they come.......