Saturday, 8 November 2008

Ellesmere - Sheep Egret!!

I spent all Friday afternoon wandering a canal towpath near Ellesmere marina, eyeing up sheep - dodgy activity or what!! Despite this, the Cattle Egret enjoyed by everyone during the morning had done a disappearing act - another go was planned for Saturday morning!

I arrived just before 8.00, just as Mike and Rich were leaving after a dawn start- the omens didn't look good - was it really another bad day in prospect?

Back to the Sheep field then and a lonely vigil - once again the only one - foolhardy or confident enough?? I didn't have to wait long, it was 8.20 and a white shape glided down from over the plantation into the field, you beauty, never mind the sheep, you're the one I really want! A quick phone call to Mike and Rich, now half way back to Shrewsbury - I'm sure I heard the squeal of brakes......

A Shropshire mega deserves a 'megaupload' so here goes.....

The first half hour or so was spent with the Egret coming to terms with an identity crisis - no cattle? Oh well, sheep will do!

My favourite - a good looking one don't you think? (The Egret that is!!)

Pink crown still clearly visible...

A worrying moment at 9.00 after I'd tipped off the local SOS field trip to get over ASAP!

It did return five minutes later....

Once I'd worked out where it was heading, a chance to capture some closer shots!

Plenty of flies, the staple diet!

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