Sunday, 23 November 2008

Doxey marshes - White-fronts

I had to take my daughter to Manchester Airport on Friday so called in at Doxey on the way home to tick the White-fronted Geese which have been there for days...

Until now that is!! I'd walked in from the Cresswell Farm Drive access to the hide, it was getting dark (and wet) still no sign. So I had to settle for a Stonechat and Redwing to keep the shutter in business.

Having taken someone to an Airport, the next step is to pick them up again. So, with an hour to spare, I gave Doxey Marshes a try again on the way today, this time accessing via the cemetary......

With immediate success!! They were on the field opposite, associating with the Canadas and a few Greylag.

I realised why they were not always visible - once over the brow of the field, they were completely out of view.

Never mind, acceptable record shots considering they were 100m away (and more importantly no 247 for the yearlist) ....

Then, back to cold, dank, wet, breezy Shropshire and Chelmarsh gull roost with Andy which yielded at least three Yellow legs and two very cold feet!

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