Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Dawlish Warren - Sparrowhawk consolation

Twitching often walks a fine line between emotional extremes. It could be; 'I'm never, ever, ever going to waste my time going for another rare bird again' to 'wow, that was the most fantastic day's birding ever'.

I wasn't happy - on my way to talks in Surrey and Kent! One of my infamous diversions had somehow led me to spend the night with friends in Devon. There just happened to be a Semipalmated Sandpiper at Dawlish Warren and I just happened to arrive as the tide was falling and it was 'somewhere' on the bight....

So, after an hour or two searching in vain for the Semip (and a Wryneck) it was one of those soul searching moments where the pointlessness of this lark was called into question. I walked back to the car cursing my luck and then, a little moment of consolation came my way.

A male Sparrowhawk, perched on a post - worth a record shot just before he flies....

Except he didn't! So, I slowly inched nearer until I was in position for the perhaps the nearest photographic encounter I'd had with a Spawk.

A Wheatear chanced his luck as the Sparrowhawk sped off hunting......

You know, for a moment, I was happy again - no way making up for the birds dipped but a fantastic opportunity. I was also committed now to put that Semip appointment to rights, with an early return the following day - question is, would I succeed???

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