Sunday, 31 August 2008

Westport Lake - Sabine's spectacular

Westport Lake is only 40 miles from Shrewsbury and with the traffic chaos caused by various roadworks, was I glad it was a Sunday!

Even better, this mega-gorgeous juvenile Sabine's Gull actually stayed put - when I got there it was sat down on the shingle shore of the adjacent 'duck pond'.

Despite the attentions of a rather irritating 'photographer' who did his best to flush it, a fairly constant gallery of 30 or so Birders kept their distance (including me!!) and enjoyed, what was for for most, an inland tick and for me another Gull lifer!!

It eventually flew to the main lake and despite more harrassment from local Black heads, fed on surface insects and off during the afternoon.

A brief rest, then it was off again. The light was pretty poor but at least it stayed dry. These latter shots were with the 300mm f2.8 taken from a fishermans pitch ringed by trees - small angle of view and very difficult to lock focus as it flew by but the Gull was flying to within 20 metres or so!!!

Footnote - anyone giving the bird another 24 hours was doomed to miss out - it disappeared overnight!!!

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