Friday, 5 September 2008

Cormorant - POTW No 3!!!!

Despite the gloom, wind and horizontal rain - there was a bright side to the day. I got a text saying 'Congratulations' - a bit of lateral thinking and a bit of web'n walk on the mobile then certainly made my day. Another Birdguides POTW!!

Here it is - with one of the least exciting (or so you would think) bird subjects to photograph. For the technically minded, the image details were Canon 40D with 500mm f4 lens and 1.4x converter, 1/1600s at f6.3, ASA 400 (and if you know how sluggish that combination can be - you will know how difficult 'blink of an eye' shots are!) I'll be honest, I never thought for one moment that wiling away an afternoon photographing Cormorants would result in a POTW!!

I've had lots of emails and kind comments - thanks to you all. Looking closer in that mouth, the 'green stuff' is filamentous weed and not fishing line by the way.

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