Sunday, 28 September 2008

Venus Pool - birdless Sunrise

A weekend out and about and one of the few I can recall recently without a decent bird image to upload. But that's Shropshire birding for you.....

So, here's a change of subject - a moody, misty sunrise at Venus Pool Saturday morning. Autumn is here, there is mud aplenty but not a wader in sight(excepting a lone Curlew).

The AL/YC/JA team then hit the Longmynd with hopes of Yellow browed Warbler or other decent migrants - ultimately dashed (now there's a surprise!)

Not counting the movement of a few Siskin, Skylark, a lone Wheatear (Northern sadly) little of note except for the exceptional sight of a party of SIX Red Kites flying in a line North seen due West of the glider station!

No cones = no Crossbills at the back of the glider station.

Sunday was even worse, more gloom and not a decent bird in sight at VP so a few chores got done at home.

I have a sneaking suspicion those itchy feet of mine are going to be off somewhere very soon!!!

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