Friday, 17 August 2018

Scilly Pelagic no 8 - Great Shearwaters

The first of the second weekend's full on 'Birder Pelagics' and little did we know what a treat was in store! A brisk 15mph south westerly breeze was ideal and we about to encounter the other magical factor in finding seabirds... feeding Tuna!! In fact we found the first frenzy roughly a mile off St Mary's. Great Shearwaters put on an amazing show with approx. 100 see during the evening, so this post details the best of the images from a blockbuster first couple of hours!

Scott Reid, clearly had inside info - this was going to be good...

Great Shearwater make an impressive sight on the water...

And take off action then becomes obligatory!

The full on flight...

And all the time, passing rafts including the other 'big performer' of the evening - Sooty Shearwater!

Here's the course taken (thanks once again Richard!)

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