Tuesday, 3 October 2017

St Agnes - Cedar Waxwing!!!

Here we go again... Another aborted session up at the airfield... This time a madcap dash by taxi to the harbour... To a hastily arranged 12.15 boat... destination St Agnes... Reason - CEDAR WAXWING!!! Where is everyone?? Well, most birders were on Tresco and somewhat trapped, chasing Cliff Swallow (which I no longer needed) and Bee-eaters?

We needn't have rushed, it hadn't been seen since Will Wagstaff had found it mid morning whilst leading a group around and it clearly wasn't still handing about the field enclosures where first seen!
Al reaching for his hip flask, having trouble standing up...

So the hunt was on... It was lurking somewhere up by Coastguards Cottage,  unbeknown to us where  this other stoned birder was keeping an eye on it!

The news echoed over the radios! Seen in flight by the Lighthouse!! By now the Tresco contingent was there and quite a scrum as it gave itself up in a Pittosporum hedge some 60m away!

Strictly come record shot distance!

And after five minutes of sitting motionless, off again!

A few dashes up and down the lanes to no avail and a late (6.00) boat was put on! I wasn't planning on going anywhere else! Eventually, it was relocated in another cottage garden... And this time, blimey, showing amazingly well, if a little grumpy?

A turn of the head is all you need?

And a shuffle to reveal the blue grey of the upperwing...

But this all too brief tail fan was the moment worth waiting for!

What an amazing 24 hours - and TWO more lifers...