Sunday, 22 October 2017

Blorenge - Rock Thrush part one

I was planning to go for this after coming off Scilly but Storm Brian had a bit of a say in my decision to forget it on the Saturday and get over on the Sunday! With an opportunity to  hit the UK 400 mark and then go and see Gemma down in Swansea as well, it had the makings of a perfect day...

The Rock Thrush was unlikely to depart given the weather conditions Saturday night and with just a 5% chance of rain, a decent day was in prospect? Wishful thinking!! The welcome party...

And (for my dodgy achilles) a bit of a yomp! About 2 k I reckon?

It was strictly thermals on, hoods up with a stiff icy breeze blowing and no shelter!

Where else would you expect it to be? Rock Thrush complete with rock after what I reckoned was the rocky road to UK400...

Rubble will do as well :-)

Despite the cold, it was quite alert and with everyone keeping their distance, it was soon hopping towards the gallery!

I had to take the classic Rock Thrush shot, we've become accustomed to!

But then tried to find something different... feeding?

Perched upright...

And then having a preen :-)

First card full and I'll spare you all those 'oh so similar' shots for now!

Cracking little bird, perfectly behaved gallery and a milestone to remember but wait, there's another card to sort! Coming soon in part two...

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