Sunday, 22 October 2017

Blorenge - Rock Thrush part two

OK that's a cliff and you're a Rock Thrush...the habitat is rocks, right?

Yes and vainly trying, oh so nearly disappearing amongst the rubble!

The sun tried to come out to brighten up the view from the rear...

And then hooping around from rock to rock...

Looking for food!

A couple more poses...

And a close up, it's all becoming so 'similar'! But with a bird like this, who cares?

Arggghhhh where's me Tunnocks??? Had to do with a Chocolate coated 'rice crispie' slice! Which will now become the obligatory landmark celebration! UK 400 completed (subject to any of the recent pending birds!)

Before the return yomp with Richard Stonier and resurrection of my old back problem

Happy days indeed but I think I may be taking things easy for a while?