Thursday, 31 August 2017

Venus Pool - Southern Hawker and passenger!

A funny thing happened as I was walking up to the car park today!  I noticed a male Southern Hawker flying nearby and even better, it landed in one of the wild roses. It was quite high up and only a side on angle was possible but at least I was carrying the 500mm lens...

Inching a bit closer...

Then suddenly, I noticed something else flying in, a shield bug! And amazingly it landed on the Hawkers wing!! Squatters rights or what?

All I needed was an aphid to land on the shield bug! The food chain in reverse :-)

Tighter crop...

Well Shield Bugs do feed on other small insects but surely this was a mouthful too far!! The pair flew off immediately out of site and I have no doubt the squatter was evicted!

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