Thursday, 24 August 2017

Great White Egret - Flight special

'Always go back' has always been a mantra of mine and with a reasonably showy Shropshire Great White Egret on offer (only my 2nd shire bird over many year) I decided to have another afternoon session after the Wood Sands got in the way yesterday!

Distant to start off with and useful comparison shots?

And then it started flying about, flushed be Herons ad nauseum, I wasn't complaining!

A brief moment of peace to go fishing!

But I didn't see it catch a single fish!

Then off again...

I learnt a piece of good advice? It's not a good idea to stand under the flight path of a Great White Egret!!

Job done and towards the end of the afternoon, I noticed another decent local bird!

The two in the frame shot was about to become commonplace!

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