Thursday, 10 August 2017

Scilly pelagic No 1 - Wilson's Petrel

With Cory's and Great Shearwater well covered, the other 'mission bird' was Wilson's Petrel and with so many in the area this year, hopes were high. They are so unpredictable however...

It was probably 2 hours into the trip, drifting and laying a slick of aromatic decaying fish remains (lovely eh) the first of five passes from Wilson's Petrel took place. Visually, there were two birds involved, one much scruffier than the first on the scene. It's mid-evening, the light is tricky and they come through in seconds so don't expect too much from these record shots! Any Wilson's record shot is a good one 😉

The were a few European Storm Petrels dancing about and coming through...

But this is the moment we were all waiting for!

Briefly pattering as if to say look at my long legs!!

The second bird arrived a bit later, pushing the ISO up and nasty light, it's clearly different to the first through.

With the changing and awkward light, this upperwing shot looks the same as the previous two...

But this last one looks different to me but almost certainly isn't?

NB First processing on my laptop this year so whilst the copyright logo states 2016, these are all 2017!!

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