Saturday, 24 June 2017

Venus Pool - Old 'Red-eyes' is here!

This post actually first starts back on the 8th June whilst on 'Osprey watch'! In addition to the Little Grebes performing then, the odonataphile in me noticed at least one possibly two Damselflies perched on the surface scum. I instinctively knew what they were but didn't expect to see them at Venus Pool! On size, appearance and jizz, they could be only one thing - male Red-eyed Damselflies. And now, they had now flown out of view into the bank-side vegetation!!

It took a while but eventually I caught a flash of blue in my bins and yes, no doubt about it - red eyes gleaming back at me!!

Fast forward to the 24th June and having discussed the sighting with Sue Rees Evans, the Shropshire odonata Tsar, this was the first record reported at VP since the only record 10 years ago - in 2007!!

I'd assumed it was a 'one off' but another one caught my eye today and this was surely a different individual! It's not easy to photograph Damselflies over 15m away but the long lens has its uses and not just for birds!

And the sun put a bit of light on those gleaming eyes...

Despite the lack of Lily pads, there's enough surface vegetation and floating scum as you can see to support them. Now all we need is to ID a female or two or even better a pair in cop to cement a more permanent presence?